This is a chat-bot kit for robotising standard business-processes.

This is a chat-bot kit for robotising standard business -processes 

The service helps lessening the load of your employees in terms of standard processes. allows creating bots to automate any template procedures: customer surveys, consultations, data collection, filling of documents, preparation of legal opinions, appointment of meetings and acceptance of payments.’s advantages

  • Intuitive adjustment of bot dialogue scenarios without engaging programming personnel

This is how the process of setting up the chatbot dialogue tree looks like

  • Logical decision-making trees in any chat-bot: a dialogue will be adapted based on answers


  • Collection of any types of information including contact data, documents and photographs, in the course of bot conversations


  • Generating documents based on user data and answers

Creation of a power of attorney in in conjunction with

  • Searching answers to questions put in a natural language, among the answer base using an AI-algorithm
  • Easy integration with any server systems, CRM or eCommerce-platforms
  • Integration with any servers due to embedded javascript editor and Webhook techniques
  • Using bot-generated data for calculations using mathematical functions/formulas
  • Appointing meetings with account of preferential time lengths and integration with calendars
  • Acceptance of bank card payments immediately by chat-bots due to integration with payment services
  • Forwarding notifications to users by e-mail, SMS or through messengers
  • Embedding bots into any platform: corporate portals, website or mobile app, as a pop-up window, widget, separate block or link page
  • A chat-agent — your employee — can connect any dialogue at any time