A platform for managing cases and projects of the legal department and automating business processes.

It is a low-code platform for managing document flow and automating business processes.

A unified system for organising lawyer’s workplace and disposal of business affairs, as well as for project management. It is a basic work tool that allows up to 60% saving of work time due to automation of routine processes. helps lessen the load of your lawyers and provides legal unit manager with the functionality of control, transparency and routine reporting – all in one window.

Advantages of

  • Transaction of affairs and projects in a single system, including management of litigation cases, claims, contracts, licenses, powers of attorney, collecting, inspections, etc.


  • Adjusting case-records, manuals, document templates and invoices, without engaging developers


  • Simple task management and deadline control


  • Automatic goal setting using adjusted scenarios


  • Customised templates of standard documents
  • Customised reports for operational evaluation of efficiency of each employee and legal department in whole
  • Access to up-to-date information and case status may be provided for customers via the client portal
  • Swift and safe transfer of cases between lawyers without any information loss
  • Smart-calendars to control procedural periods and exclude deadline breaking
  • Integration with your corporate system to exchange data