This is a document kit using interactive templates.

This is a document kit using interactive templates

The service allows lessening the load of your lawyers in preparing/checking standard contracts and saving up to 60% of your time in resolving complex matters. Most templates may be rendered flexible and all-purpose: that is, each employee will be capable of independently creating an expert standard document in 1 minute.’s advantages

  • Intuitive elaboration of corporate templates for all standard documentation

Document template builder consists of two sections: the questions, fields and the body of the document.


  • Convenient document generation using tuned templates on the basis of report forms 

Depending on the conditions chosen in the questionnaire, the body of the document will change, and the content will be adjusted to the specific business situation.


  • Templates can be created in Microsoft Word using a special plug-in

  • Schemes with nested environment may be added, fields may be filled by various types of data

  • A document batch may be generated in a few clicks

  • Uses pre-tuned text libraries
  • Images, tables, page headers may be added
  • Corporate documents may be harmonised using registers
  • Multi-language support
  • API for integration with ERP and CRM systems — product data, counterparties’ details and other data are uploaded in automatically
  • Automatic adjustment of document names/numbers according to your rules
  • Templates are easily embedded into your website pages or corporate portals