Knowledge Cloud

Knowledge Cloud is a modern knowledge management system intended specifically for legal and consulting firms.

Basic functions of Knowledge Cloud

  • Knowledge Cloud provides systemic internal arrangement of documents and files, as distinct from chaotic schemes offered by Google Drive.
  • Knowledge Cloud offers an intuitive interface: you need not search dozens of folders to find required information.
  • Knowledge Cloud eliminates document ‘overrun’ and provides proper harmonisation. You will have much less situations where one and the same document has been saved in various versions in various places.
  • Knowledge Cloud offers some gamification, which increases employees’ interest and provides more active usage.
  • It also offers a convenient cataloguing system where structures can be managed via the administration panel.


  • New documents may be previewed with prompt access to most urgent files.


  • Documents may be added to the ‘Selected’ folder, where relevant files may be kept handy.


  • A convenient and controllable system for uploading new files for common use allows you to promptly add a file into several folders at a time, if required. Needless files will not be added to common use, as all uploaded documents are first validated by administrator.


  • The system offers a convenient search engine with an expanded functionality due to tags added to documents (catalogued and managed by administrator).