Choosing optimal Legal Tech solutions

We analyse business processes of legal departments, determine lawyers’ «aches» and zones eligible for automation, and select the most suitable Legal Tech solution.

As legal advisers, we have a deep insight into processes applied by legal departments and lawyers’ needs.

When developing the Legal Tech direction, our team has studied and tested on ourselves a lot of various Legal Tech solutions that provide automation for separate stages of processes or come with an entire digital eco-system. 

However, we realise that each company is unique, that is why we:

  • always interview our clients
  • delve into legal processes 
  • draw the process maps “as is
  • define non-effective, adding no value, or partly duplicating processes 
  • propose variants to restructure and optimize processes 
  • determine zones to embed automation 
  • select optimal Legal Tech solutions with account of needs and “aches”, as well as of requirements with respect to its integration into the existing IT landscape
  • help estimate economic outcome of the automation project and payoff period