Doczilla Pro

A business documentation drafting and management platform.

The company's flagship product, Doczilla Pro, is a platform to draft and manage documentation featuring a built-in document designer, text editor, knowledge library, and collaboration module. These functions facilitate automation of document drafting based on interactive templates and the entire business processes alike, as the solution keeps track of all the changes made to a document. Multiple teams can collaborate on the documents simultaneously to draft, amend, and discuss them, assign tasks to each other and track completion.
The solution is a part of the Register of Software, capable of replacing MS Word, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more international products.

Doczilla's Business Proposition

  • 12x faster document drafting and approval
  • Human factor and common mistakes eliminated
  • Reduced labour cost and no tedious work
  • 10x shorter deal cycle

Doczilla Pro Modules

Модули Doczilla Pro

Text editor

Document Designer


Knowledge library

Document Storage


Doczilla Pro can pull data from multiple systems for automated drafting with its API offering an extensive set of methods to enable a broad range of document and data processing actions.
The solution can be integrated with top tier electronic document management systems, CRM systems, and other solutions.