A platform for recognizing an incoming request and automatically generating a draft response document.

Zlogic is a system processing incoming queries. It provides a 90% cutdown of labour inputs of specialists in creating any type of response document.

  1. The system discern:
    • Judicial documents (claims, lawsuits, judicial acts)
    • Personnel documents (applications, labour agreements, apprenticeship agreements)
    • Other documents (passports, personnel insurance numbers, TINs)
  2. Creates a system for storing and searching documents
  3. Fills documents with recognised data
  4. Automatically forms legally valid response documents with up-to-date links to legislation and judicial practice (Garant, Consultant)
  5. Affords ground for independent control of document compilation logic

Examples of processing incoming documents: 

  • lawsuit – statement of defence
  • query to a state authority – response
  • contract/agreement - invoice/acceptance act
  • personnel documents – labour contract