Legal Department 2.0

A platform for automating common tasks and legal processes and creating a single robotic Service desk for processing business requests in a single window.

A low-code platform allowing automating most resource-intensive lawyers’ tasks in one window: case administration, document drafting, typical consultations, as well as creating a robotised Service Desk for customers’ standard queries.

Advantages of LEGAL DESK

  • Self-service portal with a customisable services catalogue


  • Preparing documents using pre-adjusted templates ― no errors and no copy-paste


  • Chat-bots for consultations, document gathering and query processing


  • Automatic scenarios for standard processes
  • Administration of cases, projects, employees, documents, tasks and reports within a single interface
  • Easy adaptation to legal department’s specific tasks: case records with files containing blocks, fields and wired formulas, case stages, automation scenarios, reports, document templates, chat-bot schemes
  • Integration with any services via special script mechanisms
  • Self-sustained system modification/adaptation/development by users during ‘tactical’ operation, with minimal coding and maximal visual elaboration
  • Swift adaption: the system will be ready for operation in several weeks, and can be easily scaled to entire corporation